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Mesh panties

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What is a Mesh Panties in USA?

Mesh Panties is an adornment on your body that hides many meanings and secret desires. It looks a very simple and interesting element that will subtly emphasize your uniqueness and let your partner know about your tastes and preferences. What preferences you or your partner want is known only to you, but in our shop you will see different types of Mesh Panties. We have a Mesh Panties to enhance your beauty, and for harder use. We don’t know who you are, you can be a person who is just looking for an additional element of decoration, or maybe you are the most temptingDominant or Submissive which explores its new frontiers. In any case, our Mesh Panties will help reveal more of your secret desires and make your life brighter.

What are the Mesh Panties in USA?

  1. Bdsm Mesh Panties

  2. Gothic Mesh Panties

  3. Plus size Mesh Panties

  4. Rainbow Mesh Panties

  5. Submissive Mesh Panties

  6. Simple Mesh Panties

  7. Personalized Mesh Panties

  8. Unique Mesh Panties

  9. Thin Mesh Panties

Which Mesh Panties are popular in USA?

  1. Thin Mesh Panties

  2. Bdsm Mesh Panties

  3. Personalized Mesh Panties

What are the sizes of Mesh Panties in USA?

In our store, each product has its own dimensional grid. You can find the size grid in the description of each product or on the how to choose a size page. US sizes look like this:

  1. XXS

  2. XS

  3. S

  4. M

  5. L

  6. XL

  7. XXL

  8. XXXL

  9. XXXXL

How to choose the Mesh Panties size in USA?

To choose the right size Mesh Panties, You have to measure the needed parameters of the body. To select needed measurement, please refer to the size chart where the size markings and measurements are indicated. If you already know the measurements of the desired parameters, then simply select the size you need. Mesh Panties according to size chart. If you are not sure about your choice, then you can contact us via Email or WhatsApp for help.

Can I order a personalized Mesh Panties in USA?

Yes, we are a company that produces all Mesh Panties by hand, so we can easily make changes to your Mesh Panties. In order for us to know what and how to change, you need to add a personalization parameter in the product card and write adjustments in the comments to the order that you will see in the basket during the checkout process. Do not worry, even if you do not write what you want, we will contact you to clarify the nuances for personalization via email or WhatsApp.

How is payment for Mesh Panties in USA?

To buy a Mesh Panties you must have a bank card, PayPal account or Apple Pay/Google Pay system. To pay for the order, you need to add the Mesh Panties and / or any other product to the basket, indicate the delivery address, and then you will be offered payment methods. The type of payment depends on your region. For all payments, we use two of the best companies on the market, Stripe and PayPal.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that in our system all payments first go to the Hold status, this method allows you not to withdraw money from your account immediately, but only freezes the required amount until we make sure that the goods and all the information in the order are available, and only then confirm the debiting of funds from your account.

How are Mesh Panties delivered in USA?

All Mesh Panties from our store arrive well packaged and insured. Each Mesh Panties is packaged in a beautiful aesthetic and environmentally friendly package and pSheerd in a beautiful Mesh Pantiesnded box. On average, 1 package weighs 100-150 grams. Regular shipping is $9 and Express is $35. For example, on average, delivery to the USA takes from 5 to 10 days, to Europe from 10 to 20 days (please note that all goods are made strictly for you with love, so add 2-4 days to the delivery time). If you want to receive your order faster, you need to choose a more expensive delivery. Express delivery takes 3 to 6 days to the USA, 4 to 8 days to Europe.

We ship all packages via in USA:

  1. UPS;

  2. DHL;

  3. FedEx.

Regions of sending Mesh Panties in USA:

  • We ship Mesh Panties to all regions where UPS, DHL and FedEx courier companies are available.

Guarantee of Mesh Panties in USA:

All Mesh Panties in our store are guaranteed. We have 2 types of guarantee:

  1. Return within 14 days of receipt of the product if it does not fit, provided that it has not been used (at least once worn). A very important issue is hygiene, so this requirement is fundamental;

  2. Return within 14 days if a manufacturing defect is found.

Return Mesh Panties in USA:

  1. Return of Mesh Panties is subject to prior agreement. Return address: _____

  2. Refunds for Mesh Panties for a reason not related to the guarantee, but related to your desire, do not include refunds for shipping and other costs;

  3. Refunds occur only after receiving the package that you sent back.

Taxes on Mesh Panties in USA:

Each state in the US and each country can have additional tax fees. The state tax fee in the United States or the import tax in any other country varies or may not exist at all. The price on our website does not include state or import taxes.